CivEarth FAQ

Here is a list of some commonly asked questions and their answers!

Q: What version is this server for?
A: You can currently join CivEarth on Minecraft Java Edition 1.18.2. Please note that you must have a premium account to be able to join.

Q: Am I able to play on Minecraft Bedrock Edition?
A: Yes! CivEarth does support joining with Minecraft Java Edition and Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

Q: How can I join the Discord server?
A: You can join the CivEarth Discord server by clicking here.

Q: What are the CivEarth server rules?
A: You can read our official server rules here.

Q: How can I support the server?
A: Thanks for asking! You can support the server by purchasing a package in the server donation store.

Q: How can I become a staff member on CivEarth?
A: We do not always have staff applications open. When we are looking for new staff members, we will post an announcement in our Discord server with more details.

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